Text 11 Oct Featured on a cool stoner channel

This just in:

“Tomorrow in the Grip of Delusion Submissions show we’re featuring songs by
Demonauta and Moon Curse’ releases who are coming out in Europe via
Bilocation Records very soon, plus tracks from The Bluebook Project, Axis/
Orbit, *Bombear*, Grendel Crane, Human Services, Kreyskull, Mugga, Old
Thunder, Super Witch and Dead Mountain Mouth. It starts at 1pm EST/ 7pm CET.

And in 3pm EST/ 9pm CET don’t forget to tune in for a special listening
party - Sangria’s (Chile) unreleased album “Agnosis” will be played in its
entity on Pull the Legs off the Spider, Tear the Wings off the Fly show!

http://gripofdelusion.tumblr.com/listen or

Photo 31 May Great EP cover by our friend J. Kiiskinen.

Great EP cover by our friend J. Kiiskinen.

Text 29 May wow

first steps in tumblr are the most dangerous!

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